Microsoft Office XP–Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial PowerPoint 2002

Lesson One: The Microsoft PowerPoint Screen

PowerPoint is a presentation software package. With PowerPoint, you can easily create slide shows. Trainers and other presenters use slide shows to illustrate their presentations. This tutorial teaches PowerPoint basics. This lesson introduces you to the PowerPoint window. You use the window to interact with PowerPoint.

Lesson Two: PowerPoint Overview

You create your PowerPoint presentation on slides. You use layouts to organize the content on each slide. PowerPoint has several slide layouts from which to choose. Themes are sets of colors, fonts, and special effects. Backgrounds add a colored background to your slides. You can add themes and backgrounds to your slides. After you complete your slides, you can run your presentation. In this lesson you learn how to create slides, makes changes to slides, apply a theme and run a slide show.

Lessson Three: Creating Your First PowerPoint Presentation

Animations control how objects move onto, off of, and around your slides. Transitions control how your presentation moves from one slide to the next. In this lesson you learn how to create animations and transitions. You also learn how to spell-check your document, how to use the Outline and Slides tabs, how to use Sorter view, and how to print.