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Excel 97 Tutorial

Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet that runs on a personal computer. You can use it to organize your data into rows and columns. You can also use it to perform mathematical calculations quickly. This tutorial teaches Microsoft Excel basics. Although knowledge of how to navigate in a Windows environment is helpful, this tutorial was created for the computer novice. This lesson will introduce you to the Excel window. You use the window to interact with Excel.

Lesson 2: Entering Text

A major strength of Excel is that you can perform mathematical calculations and format your data. In this lesson, you learn how to perform basic mathematical calculations and how to format text and numerical data.

Lesson 3: Numbers and Mathematical Calculations

By using functions, you can quickly and easily make many useful calculations, such as finding an average, the highest number, the lowest number, and a count of the number of items in a list. Microsoft Excel has many functions you can use. This lesson teaches you how to use functions.

Lesson 4: Creating Your First Worksheet

In previous lessons, you learned the fundamentals of Excel. This lesson teaches you how to put it all together.