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Adobe Photoshop

These tutorials are on Photoshop, a graphics software package. We take you step-by-step through each topic. We hope you enjoy these tutorials.

If you find that you need to trim off the edges of your photograph, you can use Adobe Photoshop's Crop tool. This tutorial is on the Crop tool.

Sometimes a photo is striking in black and white. Other times, you need to change an image to black and white for some other reason. Perhaps you want to include the image in a document that is printed in black and white. This tutorial will teach you how to change a color image to a black and white image.

One of the many popular features in Adobe Photoshop is the ability to remove people or other objects from a photograph. This tutorial will show you how to remove objects from a photograph.

Old photographs can have cracks. Restoring them is easier than you think. This tutorial will show you how restore photographs.

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