Flash Movie

Create your own Flash movie. Take our Flash 8 tutorial to learn how. Our Flash tutorial covers creating graphics, working with layers, and adding motion, sound, and text to your Flash movie.

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Add Grass

Add grass

  1. Choose the Selection tool.
  2. Click the Buildings layer name to make the Buildings layer the active layer.
  3. Click anywhere outside the Stage to deselect the buildings.
  4. Choose the Rectangle tool.
  5. Click the Stroke color box and choose no color as the stroke color.
  6. Click the Fill color box and choose bright green as the fill color.
  7. Draw a rectangle below the buildings for the grass.

Add a Road

Add a road

  1. Click the Fill color box and choose bright gray as the fill color.
  2. Draw a second rectangle below the green rectangle. The second rectangle is a road.

Add a Title Area

Add a title area

  1. Click the Fill color box and choose purple as the fill color.
  2. Draw the last rectangle, as shown.

Add Trees

Now you will add two trees to your movie.

Create a Trees Layer

Create a new layer and name it Trees.

  1. Make sure Buildings is the active layer. (You click on the layer name to make a layer active.)
  2. Choose Insert > Timeline > Layer from the menu. A new layer appears at the top of the Timeline.
  3. Choose Modify > Timeline > Layer Properties from the menu. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.
  4. Type Trees in the Name field.
  5. Click OK.

Get a Tree

Take a tree from the Library.

  1. Move to the Library. If the Library panel is not open, choose Window > Library from the menu.
  2. Click the icon next to Tree and drag a tree onto the Stage.

Get a tree

Resize the Tree

  1. Choose the Free Transform tool. Handles appear around the tree.

Free Transform tool

  1. Choose the Scale Modifier.
  2. Drag a corner handle until the tree is the appropriate size.
  3. Place the tree in front of a building.
  4. Place another tree on the Stage and repeat the process.

Resize trees


Table of Contents

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