Macromedia Flash Tutorial

Take our Macromedia Flash tutorial. Our Macromedia Flash tutorial covers creating graphics, working with layers, and adding motion, sound, and text to your Macromedia Flash movie.

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Adding New Layers

Create a new layer for the sky.

  1. Choose Insert > Timeline > Layer from the menu to create a new layer above the active layer.
  2. Choose Modify > Timeline > Layer Properties from the menu. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.
  3. Type Sky in the Name field.
  4. Click OK.

Create the Sky

  1. Make sure Sky is the active layer. When a layer is active, it is highlighted and there is a pencil icon on the layer. You click on the layer name to make a layer active.
  2. Move to the Library panel. If the Library panel is not open, choose Window > Library from the menu to open the Library.
  3. Click the icon next to Sky and drag a copy of Sky onto the Stage.

Adding the sky


You can use the Modify menu tool to rotate an object. You need to rotate the Sky instance to create the sky.

Note: When you take an object out of the Library, the object is referred to as an instance of a symbol.

  1. Choose the Selection tool.

Selection tool

  1. Click the Sky symbol to select it.
  2. Choose Modify > Transform > Rotate 90 CW from the menu.


You need the sky to fill the top part of the Stage. You must resize the Sky instance. You can use the Property inspector to resize an object.

  1. Choose Window > Properties > Properties from the menu if the Property inspector is not open.
  2. Choose the Selection tool.
  3. Click the Sky instance to select it.
  4. Click the Proportional icon in the Property inspector to deselect the Proportional option. When the Proportional option is selected, adjusting the width changes the height proportionally, and vice versa.

Adjust width and height

  1. Set the W field to 400.
  2. Set the H field to 240.
  3. Click and drag until the sky is over the buildings.

Click and drag sky

Changing the Order of Layers

You want to place the sky behind the buildings.

  1. Click the Sky layer on the Timeline.
  2. Drag the Sky layer downward to place it below the Buildings layer.

Change layer order

Change layer order

Re-ordered layers

Table of Contents

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